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Europe plastic packing cosmetics pump head variety, status is important

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The driving force for growth, on the other hand, is the increasing demand for packaging in developing and emerging industrial countries, based on affluence and population growth. On the other hand, the packaging sector in western industrial countries has benefited from competition for diversification and increased sales.
Wuxi sunmart Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of micro spray pump for cosmetic, medicine, food, health care (valve) manufacturing enterprises and supporting aluminum cans, plastic bottles, for Chinese Packaging Federation, Chinese Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, the national science and Technology Association, the National Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chinese Health Science Association a member of the production unit. Is an excellent enterprise Chinese packaging industry, the main products are emulsion pump, pump, pump and rolling screw, miniature aluminum cans, as well as PP, PE, PET series of plastic bottles of nearly 1000 varieties, the company can also according to the different needs of customers, design and production of all kinds of mold, the production of different specifications and types of injection and blow molding products.
French packaging industry output value of more than 18 billion euros, to solve the employment of more than 105000 people. The organization of the industry has the following characteristics:
First, the glass packing is very concentrated;
Two, plastic packaging is relatively dispersed, but in steady growth;
Three. Wood packaging is mainly used in handicraft industry. Alps Ron area is the leading area of packaging industry (more than 11% of the employees are concentrated here), featuring packaging. In addition, Normandy Angte occupies an important position in the glass industry. The most important applications of the French packaging industry are industry (66%) and the cosmetics industry (12%). France is Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Europe's fourth major instrument processing market, accounting for 13% of the share. Industry is also one of Britain's biggest industries and serves other walks of life. The characteristics of the market dispersion are very large in terms of differences in corporate structure: less than 20 printing companies employ more than 500 employees each, while more than 550 smaller companies require only 50 -499 people.
Packaging is an important industry. But it does not exist on its own, but is dependent on food, drink, personal care, medicine and other industries. The British packaging industry to light industry and heavy industry products in the global total plays an important proportion.
Annual consumption of packaging materials also reached 9 million 600 thousand tons. British packaging materials per capita consumption is lower in European countries, but also accounted for 5% of the production industry. 70%80% packaging materials are used for light industrial consumption, and the remainder are used in industries such as large chemical, mechanical, and agricultural industries.
The packaging Association estimates that Britain currently has 2000 packaging materials manufacturing companies, employing 100000 people, accounting for only 3% of all employees in the UK manufacturing sector. The most concentrated area in the northwest of England, Yorkshire, East Midlands and Humber county. These areas have a concentration of 40% employees.

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